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FOX News
Mar 22, 2013 1:00am PDT
department's civil rights division, thomas perez to be the next secretary of labor. mr. perez is seen by some to be a racial activist. here now to explain attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. you are actually covering this on your show. >> yeah. >> bill: that's high brow. >> we do some news on the news show. >> bill: nobody cares about the secretary of labor. most people don't care and i don't blame them. i don't care either. however, however, this appointment that president obama wants to make, this could be very telling about president obama. >> yeah. >> bill: tell me about perez. >> president obama's critics have been saying this sun necessarily divisive this choice. it would be hard to get somebody farther to the left than mr. perez and already some senators are threatening to try to block his confirmation because they believe he has been as one critic put it as quote a radical's radical. the deal with -- look, perez he went to harvard law school. he has experience in labor at the department of labor from maryland. now he is heading up a major important section of the do
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 1:00am PDT
country is different. if one state they should vote on it i don't think it's a civil rights issue. >> state to state married in one state and. marriage equality has to be national. >> bill: i love this marriage equality. see that can extend out to other groups than other than homosexuals. if you want marriage equality then it's got to be a free fire zone that anybody who wants to get married. triads and. >> there is a push for triads. >> i like the word equality. >> bill: it's a cliche that you guys put out there. >> that's what the parlance is right now. >> bill: if you are going to be a good liberal, colmes, you have to extend equality to everyone. not just selected groups. so marriage equality then encompasses everybody. one issue is demographics is changing. younger group even republicans hear less about some of these social issues. >> they don't care about the issue. would you agree with that? younger americans not a priority for them? >> i think so. what you saw in the 2008 election cycle is barack obama won them by like 70%. now they are essentially locked into voting democ
FOX News
Mar 23, 2013 1:00am PDT
support civil unions. >> lgbt are our colleagues, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. >> bill: so sincere. >> she looks like she is making a hostage tape. it looks like anderson cooper and ellen degeneres are off to the side pointing elephant guns at her taking pictures of her. it is so cheesy. it looks so phony. >> bill: almost every politician flip-flops on issues these days they're all evolving. >> she is in favor of every marriage but her own. she is the secretary of state. i want to know more about benghazi and not about bedrooms. i don't need to hear that i need to hear what's going on. >> bill: definitely a flip flop. gutfeld you picked bobby brown used to be married to whitney houston. dopey group 1953. >> voice to men. washed up singer, a druggy, a drunk, for all accounts a loser. got his third dui. went to court. he he was supposed to serve 55 days. got out in nine hours. >> why? >> because they claim as always overcrowding. this only happens though to celebrities. this is
FOX News
Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
labor from maryland. now he is heading up a major important section of the doj which is the civil rights division. so they protect people's civil rights. he has been the controversial head of the civil rights division because not just the new black panther case but other cases. >> bill: the new black panther case was the guy standing out in front of the polling place in philadelphia with the trench and he wouldn't bright them. >> he came n october of 2009 after this case had fully gotten ripe and been dismissed. but he gave testimony in the case before to the commission that was investigating why was this dropped? he testified that there were no political appointees at the doj who influenced this decision. and the inspector general of the doj came out with a report saying you mislead the investigators. now, we don't think you did it intentionally, but you mislead. because there were political appointees who influenced. >> bill: he never explained why he wouldn't prosecute these guys. >> yes, he has. he has explained it. the inspector general has backed him up on that. >> bill: what did he say? >>
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)